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Contact Cleaner

What does Contact Cleaner do?

Contact Cleaner automatically (or manually with the click of a button) cleans contacts in the Crisp CRM. It does this by only deleting contacts which doesn’t have any conversations in Crisp.

Currently the plugin only deleted contacts with no conversations. In a future update there will be an override to this functionality.

To avoid unwanted deletions of manually added contacts or other contacts that shouldn’t be removed, the plugin configuration allows a simple filter to exclude segments. For example, if I meet a person on a conference and add this contact to my CRM using the segment 'conference', I can exclude this segment from Contact Cleaner so this contact stays in my CRM for – for example – Crisp Campaigns.

Plugin Settings

Excluded segments: This is a list of excluded segments. When one or more segments exists in a contact profile, this profile is skipped from the cleaning process.
Interval: This is the time (in hours) between automatic cleanup sessions. When set to 0, automatic cleaning is disabled but can still be run manually using the ‘Clean contacts’ action in thePlugin Configuration. The interval is calculated from the last time the contact cleaner ran.

Plugin Actions

Clean contacts: This action directly starts a cleaning session and follows the plugin settings for segment exclusions. The cleaning session is started, even if the interval is set or is set to 0

Updated on: 07/12/2023

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